Dear Readers,

As the effect and the continuation of the crisis still remains a big question, prospective and stable cash flow bringing projects have been gaining a lot of importance compared to greedy years of before crisis times. Most of the investors, now more clearly aware of the fact that instead of having a risky asset in their portfolio like a luxurry A+ office building, tend to diversify their portfolio with more reliable assets like budget, middle and upper class hotel investments.

As Russian market is currently suffering from not enough hospitality investments, most of the wise investors tend to acquire a slice of cake from this market. One of the big advantages of the hotel market is that, it is easier to obtain a credit for if there is an international brand and management company of high performance in the puzzle. As we can see from the report linked below, most of the cities of Russian Federation called as "millioniki" in Russian, suffer from non quality and non-branded hotels. There is big appetite for international brands and high quality of service.

As one looking at the Russian market in order to make investments, hotel investments - especially in 3-4* segment - in other big cities except Moscow and St. Petersburg seem quite logical.
As also seen in the market, most of the developers, operators, and investors are keen on creating the best efficient hotels for the russian market.

As IFK Hotel Management, we are also ready to review and discuss our portfolio of hotel projects with potential investors to help them facilitate their investment plan in the Russian market as we are, thanks to our expertise of our work force, able to offer the most efficient and cash flow generating hospitality projects in the Russian regions.

For more detailed info about the regions please refer to full article of HVS.